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As a result of my work and life experience to date I am particularly interested in working with client's amongst the caring community.

Caring for Carers is often a neglected area in our society. There are so many ways we can find ourselves in a caring role. Caring can be a professional choice or we can take on the role because of life's unexpected circumstances and can be a combination of both. We can be working in the community (paid or voluntary), working in the ever-growing homeless sector which has become incredibly demanding due to lack of funding, and so on. We can be caring for children, caring for loved ones due to ill health or as a result of the inevitable process of growing old, we can be trying to help someone for specific reasons (someone who is suicidal perhaps), or perhaps caring for loved ones who have dependency issues (learned helplessness/addictions perhaps).

All of these above positions in life, to name but a few, can on occasion be draining and on occasion cause us to feel trapped even when we are happy to offer a helping hand to others. The caring role can often be under-appreciated, under-paid and can sometimes even go unnoticed. A lot of caring is carried out all day, every day, behind closed doors and it can often feel like nobody knows or hears about the true extent of the work carried out.

Of course while we are caring, our own lives also have to be considered. It is easy to forget ourselves when performing such roles. Time management, lifestyle balance, supports and self-care are vital elements for carers to consider and work towards.

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