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Life is a Journey of Many Transitions and Often we are a Mystery to Ourselves

We can

- Have inexplicable thoughts, feelings and behaviors

- Be at a crossroads and not know how to proceed

- Feel alone, isolated and empty

- Feel past experience impacting negatively on our present lives

- Be distracted and unable to think straight

- Suffer loss, grief and bereavement

- Be anxious and not understand why

- Carry previously unspoken issues

- Fear the unknown

- Feel depressed

- Feel bamboozled

- Feel the need to understand addiction

- Lack motivation

- Have relationship difficulties

- Want to work on being more confident

- Have trust issues

- Feel cynical

- Feel Trapped

- Fear the truth

These are but a few issues that we may encounter during our life-time. They can lead to feeling stressed, anxious, confused, apathetic, angry, isolated etc.. Often such issues feel difficult, and sometimes impossible, to overcome.  Being heard and being understood can help us grow and help us to see ourselves and others in a new light.

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