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My work with clients is a developmental process.   My work is grounded in the therapeutic relationship - how the client experiences me and how I experience the client.  The pace is of great importance because we all have unique stories, unique thinking processes, unique feelings about those we meet and how we sense and interact with our environment and those we have to share it with.  Hence a style of attachment develops in the therapy room.

Attachment theory means that we grew up in specific environments and formed specific relationships with people at a time when we needed them to survive.  What was learned within the four walls of the place we called home was supposed to serve us well in the future.  However sometimes when we step out into the world to survive and form relationships with others, we can find ourselves as adults questioning what we previously learned.   We wonder whether our beliefs are a hindrance or a help.

More often than not we know where the issues lie and, more often than not, trying to change the habits of a lifetime is frustratingly difficult.   Life goes on, the clock keeps ticking and every day presents us with choices that have to be made. Finding time to stop and think in our busy schedules is not easy.  Psychotherapy offers a safe peaceful place, free of distractions where one can truly focus on presenting issues. 

Whatever the reason, there is no doubt that how we relate to others outside of the therapy room naturally arises within the therapeutic relationship.  A strong secure therapeutic attachment between client and therapist increases trust and creative ability.  This in turn gives us the opportunity to be honest without feeling judged for our honesty.  

Main areas of work to date:  General Issues, suicide prevention, working with survivors of child sexual abuse (mandatory reporting), working with narcissism, overcoming shame, challenging core beliefs, developing self-compassion, promoting self-care, creative thinking and developing a deeper understanding of attachment issues.

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